Friday, August 31, 2012

Meeting notes 08/28/2012

Meeting called to order at 7:25 PM; let the record show that the meeting started early because we’re awesome.


President’s report: We want more awesome stuff: more role playing, more board games, more boffer fights, more Ruben!

Upcoming things: Eating is still not allowed in the forum; please take it outside. Drinks are still allowed, but please get rid of your bottles.  Computer privileges are restricted to eboard and shiftholders—nobody else.

Please fill out your applications for shiftholding; shiftholders are librarians who check books in and out, and are at the desk at designated hours. Perks: you get forum access and we like you more.

Please become sub A/C’s: You work with Sean Burton and Matt Kuruvilla and make events happen! You get access and get to control what happens in the lounge. You’re also expected to clean the forum regularly.

You can also be part of our three committees: Authors (getting authors to come to campus, getting books signed, etc), PR (make flyers, print flyers, advertise forum’s events) and fundraising (helping Fred to get money).

VP Report (As told by Evan): I’m short, I’m irritable and I’m possibly a citizen.

Treasurer’s Report: We have around $6,000 to spend this year. To that end, we have a request book to the left of the door! Make use of it. We want sci-fi, horror and fantasy, books and/or DVD’s. Mitch bought webcomics in print last year, for Chrissakes.

Sec’s report: We have a blog. You are on it RIGHT NOW.

Head lib’s report: Here are some letters. I have read them.

Head AC’s report: My name is Sean Burton. I plan and coordinate forum’s events, like Halloween and Festivus. Halloween has candy and costumes, and that’s fun. Festivus has a lot of passive-aggression. September 10th is Club-Con, which is a bunch of events hosted by the Freethinkers, the Forum, the LGBTA, Go Club, Anime Club, Dumbledore’s Army and the Gamers’ Guild. If you want to be a Sub AC, please contact me. Sub AC’s will have a cleaning schedule to make sure the forum stays presentable. I have a nice beard.

Historian’s report: Once upon a time, I wrote a story about the 2002 eboard. Matt’s pretty.

Closing report: RIP Neil Armstrong. We have an original NYT copy of the moon landing, if you want to look. We can’t do allocations.

New business: Clean!

Old business: Clean!

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM.

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